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Having B3 Q6600 issues with OCing on P5n32e SLI: Anyone Familiar?

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February 13, 2008 10:43:36 AM

I have a crazy Processor and a weird mother board! Can OC to 2.85 stable under all the progies on stock voltages. But when I get to tinkering, no matter what I seem to do, it will freeze at the CPU detection part of a post. (Requires a bios reset.) Or simply fail to post, in which case it recovers to the normal settings. (VID of 1.31250)

Anything over 2879 causes errors in super pi, and such, and anything higher and it does the freeze things. Tweaking on voltages, I did get it to boot into winblows vista 32 with the following settings: Everything disabled that I didnt need, Multi at X9, FSB 1485, Mem at DDR2 800 stock. VCore 1.35625, 1.2 HT at 1.30 NB at 1.40 CPU VTT at 1.45. As soon as I went to execute HWmonitor a Blue Screen Of Death had to save my comp from certain doom!

Oh, just for a kicker... Here I was happily cruising around what appears to be my Processors happy speed of 2869 Mhz on stock voltages when my network card froze my comp. (Damn Xtreme N only runs normal when using the original driver from over a year ago, any time a new driver updates, boom goes my comp when something happens to the card.) Only this time it read it as an OC fail, so re set my parameters, lol, and I accidentally set my V Core to 1.81250 and booted right into windows. I Loaded HW Monitor to snoop about Vdroop, LOL, and I noticed it was 1.78 volts! So of course thinking this was a reading flaw, 'cause we all know Q6600's are rated at 1.5000 Max, I peeked at the core temps! Hehe, 89c? Off with the power! Sure enough, instead of 1.31250, I set it at 1.81250.

Anyways, if you have a stable setting for this combo, please leave it for me, hehe, and I will see if it will work with my possessed processor!

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February 13, 2008 12:28:17 PM

try buying a q6600 g0 stepping worked for me, could only get 2.84ghz with my b3. is your memory timings by spd or manual? if on spd try manual timings or take it to 1600fsb with a 8 multiplier and about 1.4250 volts, just a try
February 13, 2008 12:56:50 PM

Yeah, I have a g0 in the other room on a asus maximus formula and a Phenom 2.2 on a m3something or other 32 MVP. The other quad replaces this one, so its pretty much a tinker toy now. As far as I can tell, the RAM is just fine, I always set it to spd settings when trying to get the thing to post and such at a higher speed. Both Manual and Auto. The safest and actually running speeds I have reached ar about what I am at now. 2880 on stock 1.31250, and the mem at 930 Mhz 5-5-5-18 with no heat spreaders but a couple of fans just sitting on em. Fails no tests so far...

I Think I tried the x 8 @ 1600 and it doesnt even post at all. Got some more settings to go with that? NB, SB and all that junk? But for tonight! Its cake and cartoons, then bed!
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February 13, 2008 12:58:38 PM

Oh, Anyone have any good OC settings for a g0 q6600 on that maximus formula? (Waiting on 4 x 2 gig pc 1066 Geil mem since its my 64 bit rig.) Or for that Phenom? Let me know!
February 13, 2008 1:02:01 PM

cant get mine past 320fsb with spd timings have to do it manual to go up from there. I boot with 8 * 1600 on 1.425 vcore and the rest standard with manual timings. enjoy the cartoons
February 13, 2008 1:08:20 PM

LOL, I will. Will try those settings again tomorrow! Its the booting part that I cant get to, hehe! But, never know! I'll toss the rest on auto and see where it goes! Cant do anything near 1.8125 volts on Vcore, so if that didnt toast the thing, I dont think known settings and tinkering with them can harm it! Damn thing must have ballberrings of steel or something! Cake was good, YuGiOh is next!
February 13, 2008 3:58:38 PM

i just got mine running nicely on 1600fsb with 8 multiplier. just had to change my memory to different slots, from green to orange. vcore 1.4250, mem 1.8v, the rest standard with the memory in a 1:1 ratio so thats 800mhz with spd timings. weird how just using the other 2 slots helped
February 13, 2008 9:21:32 PM

Doesnt do a thing, wont even start to post, wont even power up the monitor and keyboard. Modified voltages upward slowly to no avail. Sooo... who knows! Back to 2.88 and 931 @ stock/auto voltages.
July 16, 2008 3:33:46 PM

No really sure we're to make this post.. Thought here might be appropriate.

I wonder if this may ring true with any of you... Been running the P5n32-e SLI 680i got 8gb OCZ PC2 B2 -6400 SLi ready memory and a Q6600 (quad 2.4@3.01) and up until now have been running one BFG 8800gt 8800_GT 512. I have latest 1404 bios and have been running stable with an FSB of 1333 with the memory linked 5:4 at 1067.7 with 5-4-4-15 t2 timing, by doing this I have also have to tweak the CPU and DDR voltages to 1.35 and 2.15 respectivly.

Right!! my problems first started happening on installation of second 8800gt, being forwarned about power consumption I uprated an ailing 550 for a 700, put in the GFX card and fired it up. Vista started fine and I decided to run a shader fill test in 3DMark Vantage, it ran for a bout 15 seconds and the whole computer shutsdown. I'm not even talking about BSOD.. Complete powerdown... Fire it up again and you get back into vista fine enough. Devil May Cry 4 benchmark run's for about half the first seen and then same again. complete power down.

I have been trying to figure this out for ages. I have tried everything but pull back the overclock and I am just about at my wits end. I have kind of idea why I am only now experiencing these problems and that is because of the second card, I would love for some other of you ASUS Mushrooms (Kept in the dark and fed on **** :p ) whether you are experience similar issus with this type configuration

Just thinking out-loud here... Would this mean that a potensially stable overclock with a non SLI-GFX based system, becomes unstable with an SLI system because extra bandwidth being used, stressing out the Memory and causing it to shut the machine down.??? Can any one help answer that.

If there is some sort of problem overclocking that any of you know of with say the P5N32-e and OCZ -PC2 6400 DDr2 and twin 8800gt's could somebody please link me :D  I have been getting really good result up until now with this board and I have to say that I haven't really experience to many other problem it.. like I said run's fin with 1 8800gt.

Came late to the party though bios version was 1302 or something when I got it about 8months ago... have recommended it to other in the past.. although it's been well supassed now by the 780i and stuff...

Signing off now... Thanks GUys :D