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Okay, this is a two part question, first part may sound stupid but forgive me, :p.

First off, how do I write up/make an adobe acrobat file? I am very interested in writing/making an e-book, but I'm not familiar with reader at all.

Secondly, what are some sites/ways I can upload it and share it to the public, maybe even at cost, like .99 cents or something. I'm writing up a manual for business etiquette, help, and ideas, and I am wanting to post it and see if it catches, and if it does, I will start with the .99 cents price.

I've seen a lot these e-books everywhere online, but no idea how to make them or where to post them.
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  1. You can purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro for hundreds of $s, or you can use free tools such a or CutePDF writer.

    I do not have any ideas on the marketing.
  2. No no, I have it, I just do not know how to use it.
  3. For example you can create a document using MS Word. In the Word menu, you will either have an option to directly convert to Adobe Acrobat, or you can print the Word document to the Acrobat printer.
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