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All references to removal of babylon toolbar say I must right click on babylon icon next to my computer time clock. But there is no such icon there and i am desperate to get rid of babylon toolbar (the program is uninstalled) Can anyone help?
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    Hi d.Download Revo Uninstaller and get rid of anything that doesn't want to leave.It works great and gets rid of cookies in the registry:-)

    Hi Tilweh - I downloaded Revo Uninstaller, but it was unable to locate the source of the Babylon toolbar. I'm no computer buff, so have no idea where this toolbar is lurking. All that I do know is that it's taken control of my websearch. I cleared all cookies through internet options, but this didn't work either
  2. It's malware. Run Malwarebytes:
  3. Hello Dovvie,

    I had the same problem with that viral program Babylon and I was eventually guided through a procedure which enabled me to reclaim my msn browser. You might like to try the following:

    Opened IE [or your default browser]
    Click on Internet Options
    Click on Default browser
    Click on Apply
    Click on Advanced
    Click on Reset IE
    Click on Ok
    Restart PC.

    This procedure worked for me. The Babylon infection may still be lurking in the guts of my PC, but at least I have control of my browser again.

    Kind regards

  4. Hey dovvie

    not sure which web browser you have but you can easily remove Babylon visiting Babylon's removal site , it will show you how to remove Babylon

    need more ?

    email us at and we will offer a solution within 24Hours
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