Abit kt7a Replace ?


I need some advise on a replacement motherboard for an Abit Kt7a ver1.0.......

My system is old and in need of upgrades Heres what i have got:

Mother board is Abit-Kt7a info:This Socket A motherboard from Abit
uses Via's KT133A chipset. It supports 200/266MHz FSB, AGP 4x, PC100
and 133, UDMA 33/66/100, STR, WOL, and WOR. It comes with 3 DIMM
sockets, 6 PCI slots and 1 ISA slot. The motherboard uses the Award
PnP BIOS with SoftMenu III technology

300watt power supply

850Mhz AMD Athlon
640 MB Ram
1-20gb Hard Drive C
1-40gb Hard Drive D
1-40gb Hard Drive E
1-48x CD Burner
1-48x CD Drive
1-3.5 Floppy

Soundblaster Card
Phone modem Card
Ethernet Card
Firewire Card
Nvidia Geforce4 mx420 video card

I would appreciate any recommendations on the best options to bring this system up to date......

Thank you
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  1. Well...you are basically going to have to upgrade everything if you want to play games. Your CPU is too weak for modern games, and you don't have enough ram. Your motherboard can't support any CPUs that would have gaming performance, and your ram is so outdated there are no motherboards for newer platforms that support it.
  2. Yeah, so i thought..........Do you think it best to replace with a modern motherboard with new memory graphics cards ect.....?? Any recommendations?? where to start looking?? Maybe Barebones?? I would like to find something that would be good for future upgrades....

    Thank you
  3. Actually The graphic card is a Nvidia fx 5500....

    Any Recommendations on what to buy?.......I would like to upgrade and still be cost effective....
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