[Maya] Add notes to UVs?

Hey, got a question.

How would one add "notes" to a UV in Maya? I'm creating the UVs for a human model of mine, but I've only done the head so far, and things are getting rather confusing already. Would it be possible for me to note/annotate/mark bits of the UV?
It'd be really helpful, as I'd be able to recognize which UV corresponds to which polygon on the model.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Posting just to make sure that people know I'm awaiting a response to this question. It is a big pain in the ass to remember what each and every part of the UV map corresponds to on the 3D model.

    So if there is a particular technique that can be done to improve organization of a UV map, or even make notes on it whilst inside Maya, it'd be great if someone could divulge it to me.
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