SH-S203N Samsung DVD drive problems

I'd like to start off by saying that by no means am I good with computers... Anyways, I just bought this dvd burner and installed it into my computer (I have an old Asus A8V mobo). Anyways so far the drive seems to be able to burn media fine. But when it comes to reading dvd's, audio cd's, it just skips. It can read them it is just skipping so badly to the point where the dvd's are unwatchable and cd's skip rather bad. I have deleted my upper and lower filters already does anybody know what I can do? I'm pretty sure I have the latest firmware as well. When I try to copy something from a data disk it says cyclic redundancy check or something like that and it cant copy the files. Any advice?

I found this on a website:

This is what mine displays (Out of date nero but oh well):

Notice that mine is only saying x16 read speed?
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  3. Hate to post this so long past.... I had this same problem when I bought this drive, actually returned it and had the same problem with the next. Right click on 'My Computer', goto 'Manage', and in the left column click on 'Device Manager'. On the right column click on the + next to 'IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers'. One of the ones labeled 'Primary IDE Channel' controls your DVD drive, right click on them and goto 'Properties' and then goto the 'Advanced Settings' tab. After so many errors, usually using nero's horrible burning software, the drive controller switches to PIO mode. Changing the "Transfer Mode' to 'DMA if available' can fix the solution, but if the drive has too many errors it will lock in PIO mode. Easy solution, right click on the 'Primary IDE Channel' culprit and click 'Uninstall', reset the computer and the controller should reinstall the controller with it in DMA mode. And actually when it's all reset and the dropdown menu has 'DMA if available', the the 'Current Transfer Mode' ends up being 'Ultra DMA Mode 5' on the SH-S203N.
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