How to prevent XP to remember network key or "passphrase"?

Hi, I have installed a wireless router for my friend and she wants to let the kids use the computer but not access the net without her being there. I disabled the "connect when this network is in range" option. Unfortunatly XP remembers the network key so anyone using the computer can open the "view wireless network" tab, click on the network and click "connect" to have access to the net. How to prevent xp to remember the network key? I need it to ask me to type the passphrase everytime I turn the pc on and everytime I switch user profile. Thanks :)
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  1. Wireless management software that comes with Windows is called WZC (Wireless Zero Config). I don't think it has the feature you want since it is intended to be basic; at this moment, I can't check in my notebook to tell you.

    Yes, it can be done but you need a wireless config utility that supports it. Check out this link, profile password protection section:

    In case, the link is gone, search Google for "Intel PROSet Wireless WiFi Connection Utility"

    Another route you can follow is setting up 802.1x authentication. But this is a lot of work, involving a server, supported access points, etc.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't think the WZC can do it either. I will try with the Gigabyte utility that came with my GN-WP01GS wifi card.
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