This has turned out to be much harder than I expected.

I have my mobo and power supply installed. I am having problems figuring out all of the wires. Its very overwhelming, and I think I will have extra wires left over. Is that ok? Specifically a 1394 cable and extra audio cables( a ton of little ones.) I hooked up the HD Audio, but I also have an AC 97 hookup.

I am reading the manuals, but I am still having problems.
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  1. The little ones have a tab labeled, "Azalia"
  2. Yes there will be extra wires coming from the Power Supply.
  3. For the first time build, the only ones you really need to be worried about are the Power button, Reset button, and HDD (hard disk drive activity light). Don't be overly concerned about the 1394 and Front Audio ports until you got everything else up and running (unless you really just want it done).

    -Wolf sends
  4. Ok, thanks a lot man.

    There is one cable I am not too sure off.

    It 2black, 1 red, 1 yellow wire leading into two clear plastic ends with four connectors. One side has wholes, the other connectors.

    Does this sound like something of importance?
  5. My case fans also have the same setup, do they go together?
  6. Sounds like a 4-pin molex power connector (which would connect to the power supply). You really need to follow the wires back to see what it's actually connected to (what it would power).

    -Wolf sends
  7. A lot of times like those case fans for example, they will give you a coupler, like molex connectors from your PSU(The big 4 pin plugs), will plug into your fans and then you still have another plug to replace that because the fan will usually have another on the other side so you don't run out of connections.

    Just take your time, we'll help you out through it. I just got my own system up and running this week. The hookups from your case to the motherboard, read your motherboard manual, it will tell you all that you need to know.
  8. Thanks a lot guys, im feel like an idiot.

    How do I know if I put the Power, reset, and the other little plugins in the right way? They fit both ways, how do I know if its in right>?
  9. Look at the instructions carefully: IMO the Power, reset, etc are the most difficult if only because there are so many wires in a small space

    but look closely and everything is labeled
  10. If youre still having problems you can always take some pictures and link us to them. I had the same problems with my first build, the power, reset, etc should be in your mobo manual, im not sure what you mean by "fits both ways"
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