[#007f7f]hi guys and gals

can anybody out there help with my dilema !!

i work for an importer of japanese cranes

i would like to change the voice instruction eprom to english.

i purchased an origional english eprom from supplier and copied the file to pc.

when the file was copied to new eprom and installed into machine all i get is garb ?

i am told that file will copy in intel hex mode although i have tried all other formats without success.

geeez it can't be that hard !!

i have talked to my eprom burner supplier and he says it should be ok , remembering it is a voice eprom, not just text and the like.

all help would be much appreciated

kind regards ray
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  1. Can you install the actual English EPROM into your system to verify that it works? If that doesn't work, no amount of fiddling with the data is likely to achieve success. I won't even get into the format of the messages and accessing. . .

    How did you copy the EPROM contents to the PC? Do you have some kind of reader/programmer?

    Is this a true EPROM? Not flash, not EEPROM? What is the device part number?

    So many questions I have! The more details you give me, the better help I (and others) may be able to give.


  2. hi altazi
    is a 275c512 erasable eeprom (same as the jap one i am replacing)

    i am using easypro 90 burner

    i removed eeprom from an old motherboard , erased it and burnt the origional file , tested ok.(proves my burner is working)

    only way to test my results with the crane is to put into unit and test (is part of the computer system in machine , so cannot test with any other device.)

    as stated this chip only delivers voice instructions ( like .... warning , warning ect)

    regards ray
  3. Do you know if the message locations are the same for the English and Japanese messages? Is the "warning" message at the same place in both EEPROMs? Does the EEPROM merely contain digitized speech, or is there more to it? Is there a message address table in the EEPROM? Somehow, the controller knows where to point in the EEPROM to access the correct message stream. This must be re-aligned for the English EEPROM. There are so many questions I don't even know where to start.

    You took a working EEPROM from an old motherboard, erased it, reprogrammed it with the original (Japanese?) file, and it tested OK - in the EEPROM burner, anyway. You need to test the device to see if it will work in the speech system.

    Does the original Japanese equipment manufacturer provide and support the English EEPROM? Do they offer any suggestion as to how to switch the English for the Japanese EEPROM?


  4. the eprom was from an old working pc motherboard.
    the exercise was just to prove if the burner was working and is not to be confused with what i am trying to achive with jap / english crane thing.
    the jap maker will only direct me to australian agents , which deal mainly in earth moving equipment from this manufacturer.
    have tried this and seems it's to hard for them.
    due to the cost of english chip and the future amounts we require i elected to do it myself.

    thanks ray
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