3DMark06 Score Dropped - WHY?

A year ago, my 3DMark06 score was 5378, now it is 4282. What could cause this? Has the scoring changed in 3DMark? The only change I have made is I my CPU is OC'd to 2.5 GHz now. It was 2.2GHz then.

Your thoughts....
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  1. I don't think just the OC, but genral pc maintenance, you probably have alot more crap running after a year (assuming you haven't formatted).
  2. Yeah could be there's a lot of programs running, taking up your ram. Another thing is display drivers. It coulda been better suited before than now. Last thing I can think of is your psu can't handle it or your system isn't stable.
  3. Case cleanup?
  4. Maybe there is more crap running. Hmmm. That's a little disappointing. Well, I just installed my pretty new 8800GTS, so let's see what happens. I cleaned out the case, too.
  5. Well, I installed the 8800GTS. The score jumped to 8658! That's more like it! I wonder if I can make it even better........
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