Will we ever see SLI and Quad 45nm?

Will we?
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  1. Uhm... yes.
  2. Next month 780i chipset.
  3. Yes without a doubt. The real question is, will it have a kickarse voodoo2 video processor built in, with a mega sized 12mb of vram?
  4. probably. assuming you mean quad 45nm on one die, and not 4x dual-core 45nm supporting motherboards. nvidia is getting bad pr for not releasing the SLi codes to intel. i doubt they can hold against it for a long time. (then again, they do make the best graphics cards on the market...)
  5. Nvidia is coming out with new nForce chipsets for both AMD & Intel in the 780i motherboards that should be out mid Dec to mid January. Also they have released the 790i nforce motherboard for Intel using DDR3 ram that should be out by end of January 2008.
  6. As much as I love new technology, on this one I would have to say - who cares? Most people can barely afford 1 high end gpu let alone 4...(not to mention the massive power and cooling requirements).
  7. Go to slizone then say not many people can afford multi GPU's. They are still reccomending dual ultras over dual GT's.
  8. Nvidia does not want to play nice with Intel since they stand to loose alot wether by SLI license or not to Intel,chipset is a big deal right now .Intel,AMD and Nvidia is very guarded with there chipset ever since AMD bought ATI which believe it or not is very important to AMD survival,something I think they saw
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