should i get the 1900XTX over the 1950pro

hey guys,

I dont know if this would be a good deal or not. but i found someone that has a 1900XTX would it be better then my 1950pro. or should i judt wait for the 8800GT to drop. because he is asking $170 shipped.

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  1. Get the 8800gt or hd3870
  2. Same here, you could get the 3850 for around that price and it would easily beat the X1900XTX
  3. It wouldn't be a huge jump going from a 1950pro to a 1900XTX, for about $100 more right now you could get an 8800GT, which will blow the 1900 out of the water.
  4. tbiggums said:
    Get the 8800gt or hd3870

    I'll second that.
  5. bildo123 said:
    I'll second that.

    Er Thirded. I think its a word? :)
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