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8800 gts g92 bad 3dmark score

Last response: in Overclocking
February 16, 2008 7:22:44 AM

I know this is a stupid question, but I had a 8800 320 and got a 8800 gts g92 and
the score went from 12500 to 13500. Is that all I should expect

my rig
4300 @ 3.2 ghz
4gb 800 ddr2
650i sli mb
sb extreme gamer
520 watt psu w/ purepower pci express 250 dedicated psu
February 16, 2008 2:55:41 PM

That 250W is dedicated to your vidcard right?

Was the 8800GTS 320MB OCed? Is the 8800GTS 512MB OCed right now?

Do you have the latest display driver?

It also could be your cpu holding you back, even though it's OCed to 3.2GHz. Try running 3dmark on a higher resolution and compare with other people on ORB.
February 16, 2008 5:48:33 PM

Score looks fine to me m8, i score jus over 12K with a 8800GTS (G92) with a e6420 at 3.23Ghz and 2Gb ULL GEIL DDR800 5-5-5-18-23 so 13500 i'd say is good

wat driver u running? i've 169.25
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February 17, 2008 3:30:06 AM

yes the 250 is dedicated
yes both oced
I'm running xg drivers 171.16 from
February 17, 2008 5:54:19 PM

yeh that score looks good fella, wouldn't worry about it lol
February 18, 2008 10:26:02 AM

I just upgraded from the GTS320 to the new 512.

I used to get 7500 3dMarks, now i get 11500 with the new GTS512.

Not sure how you got such a high score with your old card, you sure it was 12500?
February 18, 2008 12:48:47 PM

Yeh saw that myself, and werent sure about it either Poopsmasher, but 13.5K with this setup seems to good too lol to me at least anyway :) 
February 18, 2008 1:00:01 PM

What kinda score do you get with your GTS Matt, what cooler are you using to overclock your CPU? (I took a peek at your configuration)
February 18, 2008 5:17:29 PM

I jus scored 12191, i tightened my mem timings to 4-4-4-12-16 2T and changed my drivers from 169.25 to 169.38 (yet to play a game with them though)

Im actually using the cooler that came with the Comp a standard intel one lol ordered a zalman CNPS8700-NT and some AS5 shud arrive wednesday, also ordered a noctua NC-U6 Dual Heatpipe NB cooler and a small zalman heatsink for my SB which is bare.

hopfully i'll get some lower temps and b able to push my overclock a bit further thus upping my 3dmark score :) 

then when im happy with my CPU OC i'll start to overclock my GPU using Rivatuner 2.07 when its out :) 
February 19, 2008 4:13:14 AM

Im using RT2.06 at the mo, no overclocking yet - 11500 points with the newest driver, not sure which one.

Sounds like you spending some cash over there, im broke still, bought the GTS on friday!

Im keen to overclock my cpu, tom recons its a good OC chip...
February 19, 2008 8:29:13 PM

Yeh used that prog myself, it sure is a gr8 piece of software :) 

yeh spent a bit around £75 bought my GTS like a month ago now so have some spare cash floating around :)  really needed some better cooling for my rig dont really plan on implementing any new fancy upgrades so gonna squeeze as much outta my dual core as i can :)  might go up too 4gigs RAM but thats about it

Gonna wait for nehalem to come out, or may even wait for westmere (32nm shrink of nehalem) b4 i consider spending a large amount again, dont see that theres much need to upgrade at the mo as my system handles everthing i go with ease.

yeh pretty much all intel chips are overclocking well lol you'll b able to get yours to 3.2 ~ 3.6 easily i wud have thought my aim to get to about 3.43 ~ 3.53 with mine then start work on the GPU wanna try hit 13K on 3dmark lol
February 20, 2008 4:39:36 AM

I checked out my bios the other day, realized my board wont let me overclock the processor, i shouldve know. I had a BadAxe2 before and changed it for a DP35DP.

Looks like ill have to try get 13k with just a GPU overclock, he he.
GPU temp at the mo is 50 idle 70 load (Celsius)
February 20, 2008 2:37:40 PM

yeh think 13k is a resonalble target, anything over will b a very nice bonus :) 

My parts were delivered today, however i wasnt in :(  had to re-arrange for delivery for friday!!! not happy lol wanted it all in today so i cud start overclocking again tonight :( 
February 20, 2008 6:47:16 PM

wait a minute! u cant overclock using that board? its a P35 chipset isn;t it? wud have thought u could have?

have u asked on these forums about that?
February 21, 2008 4:32:33 AM

Maybe i should check the forums, doubt it though. Good luck with your new stuff, let me know how it goes!!
March 10, 2008 11:15:31 PM

Hi, 4 months a go i bult my 1st ever computer for college primerely, movies, and gaming during my free time.
Any way.... here are my computer configurations
q6600 quad core running at 3.51Ghz
2Gb DDR3 ram also overclocked
p5k3 deluxe mother board
320 gb hard drive
and ofcourse 8800 GTS 320mb overcloked edition.

I also overcloked further my stock overcloked video card to 660mhz/1010mhz

and when i ran my 3dmark 06 test i got a score of 11,855

I was wondering why my score is so low with such a video card.. and also is it in the right place where it should be?

Also tell me what i need to tweak in order to get higher performance.

this dude got a score of 14k using a similar set up.. Plz tell me how? was he using the lowest display settings possible? because when i did it with lowest display setting i got score of 15k.
Do you think i should switch to the 3870x2?
March 11, 2008 5:09:26 PM

Matt26LFC said:
Score looks fine to me m8, i score jus over 12K with a 8800GTS (G92) with a e6420 at 3.23Ghz and 2Gb ULL GEIL DDR800 5-5-5-18-23 so 13500 i'd say is good

wat driver u running? i've 169.25

I score about 11500 with an E2180 @ 3Ghz and 8800GT @ 700/990 for even more references..
March 21, 2008 11:55:14 PM

@bildo123, We need to figure out how to crack 12000, that will really piss some people off. :cry: 

I'm currently @ 11640 3DMark06 with an E2160 @ 3.2 and 8800GT 512MB @ 720/1590/1030
March 22, 2008 9:26:51 AM

My new best score is now as follows

Main test results

3DMark Score 13470

SM 2.0 Score 6465
SM 3.0 Score 6153
CPU Score 2949

Thats with my CPU @ 3.6Ghz and not 3.23Ghz :) 
March 22, 2008 10:12:02 AM

March 22, 2008 3:16:38 PM

that score seem ok to me.let me bench my system now.
March 25, 2008 2:55:13 PM

Dunkel said:
@bildo123, We need to figure out how to crack 12000, that will really piss some people off. :cry: 

I'm currently @ 11640 3DMark06 with an E2160 @ 3.2 and 8800GT 512MB @ 720/1590/1030

I actually did break 12000 with my setup, but no way in hell would I run it(or stably run it) 24/7. When I get home I'll post my one score where I broke 12000. Also for a note my score at 1920x1200 is a bit below 10k. So in reality this budget system really can dish out some nice graphics considering rougly a ~1500 point loss is not that much considering the much larger resolution. So for those of you on the ol 17/19" monitors its time to upgrade the size and get your moneys worth out of your system if its setup similar to mine.
March 25, 2008 4:00:12 PM

Are you going to loan me the 4 bills to upgrade my monitor? :lol: 
March 27, 2008 3:35:47 PM

Dunkel said:
Are you going to loan me the 4 bills to upgrade my monitor? :lol: 

If I win some type of lottery I'll even get you a quad 9800GX2 setup with a 30" monitor. But back to reality, check out your local bestbuy, they had a special recently where they are selling my exact monitor, the Westinghouse E2140NM for around $330. I'm tellin ya man, I had a 17" square LCD and literally was not getting anywhere near the experience or the value of my machines actual output. Not only that I sold the 17" with a profit of $80 on the Bay. So really I payed less than $300 (I paid $350 After rebate)
March 27, 2008 3:40:03 PM

i wonder what my rig can get me.Q6600 2gb ram 8800gts 512.what do you think guys?
March 27, 2008 4:09:26 PM

^^^^ leave it all stock and you will sit right around 12500

^^^^ overclock everything and you can expect 14500 mabye a tad more
March 27, 2008 4:11:49 PM

<----- has a 12162 score on 3dmark06 w/my GTS G92

right now for the money @229.99x2 (2 GTS's are the best buy) just my thoughts... the stock coolers on these are perfect
March 27, 2008 4:11:57 PM

ok i will left you know after i bench it.:) hopefully some good ones.1024 right?or the standard 1280?