Fax services will not load

I have tried both my xp disk and from add/remove windows products. I tell it
to install the fax services. The install looks like it works (no error
messages), but when I go to the start menu, programs, communication
, fax - I
get another menu that says empty. When I go back to look at add/remove
windows products the fax services box is no longer checked.

Been thru this a couple of tries and keep getting the same thing. I have
made sure I have all the windows updates, then retried the whole install
process again. Still no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Go to the control panel-->printers and faxes-->look on the left for a link to 'set up faxing'-->click that and it should get you started.
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  3. Thanks aford10,

    That fixed it.
    It irritates me to no end when MS doesn't give complete instructions or even troubleshooting responses to something as simple as this problem.
  4. There are so many issues that can arise, it's hard to have documentation for all of them.

    Glad it worked,
    Thanks for the vote :)
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