Is this possible with microsoft excel

hello everyone

i am trying to find if the following is even possible with excel and if so where might be a good place to start looking to figure it out.

basically without getting into much details i am looking for the following, i assume this would be a macro or vba or something like that.

you start the program/macro

it pulls in information from 3 separate sources

source 1 customer info for 1 district
source 2 customer info for 2 district
source 3 vendor information

so it pulls in source 1 info, adds and replaces route info example source file says route: for a column and lists a vendor as 1234, it adds 5555- to every route listed in source one and replaces the vendor number of 1234 with 5555-1234

then it does the same thing to source 2 put puts in 5556- to every route number.

then it sorts both sources by

route and then address

then finds address's on there more than once or address's with a quantity of more than 1

it then outputs this info by vendor and route to a separate file either a doc or pdf for printing.

so the outputted file would be a list broken down by vendor and route (some vendors have multiple routes) of any address that had more than 1 account or a draw of more than 1.

the third source is used in determining the name to put on the output file based on the route info, which is basically all its needed for on this.

i have other things i need to do as well but i think its best to have each task be a separate program/macro/etc instead of an all in one.

so is this possible? and if so where would i start to learn how to accomplish this as fast as possible.


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  1. thanks for the reply.

    i will look at those links deeper when i get a chance.

    i glanced over them and i didn't see anything stand out on what i was trying to do.

    i did grab the vba already, i think thats where i would get this done i just don't understand it, i will hopefully be able to figure it out.

    i guess i really should break it down in steps

    such as first getting the info from both excel files merged into one temp excel file

    then look at data sorting

    and then look at the out putting.

    hopefully i can grab a bit of time shortly to work on it.
  2. That's exactly how you need to do it, you see what the steps are, then write modules to do those steps and pass the result to the next thing.
  3. yeah i can see the steps i just don't know how to accomplish them or pass it on.

    i need to make it as simple as possible with as few steps required to be done after its written as the rest of the crew are not computer techie at all.

    they come to me for all the computer stuff and a lot i can do and research etc but programing has never been a strong suite or even a weak one i just don't like it whcih is because i don't understand it.

    i remember in middle school i think we have commodores 8088 or something like that and i remember spending two days writing code just to get it to ask your name and then flash it across the screen in various ways. even back then that seemed foolish but it was just copying form a book.

    but it was like
    10 whater here
    20 whatever
    etc etc

    in college i am or was 1 class short of a minor in applied computer science which really when i started was a business related minor the 1 class started off with this class will weed out the programmer wanna bee's from the programmers and i was not even a wanna be.

    when i started that the only programing class was a 2 or 3 week class in pascal which again was just basically copying stuff from the book.

    i've not had a chance to look at those links but i was looking at the dummies guide and i just was more confused than before i started.

    as with all programming be it java, access, html, etc i feel that i am missing some kind of basic knowledge that would make it all make sense but to me it might as well all be in a dead language.

    anyways i hope i can figure it out.
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