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I'm working on a friends Acer laptop, and the operating system (Windows Vista) has been corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. I tried using the recovery partition on the hard driver, but it got an error and now it is inaccessible. I ordered the recovery discs adn they finally arrived so I tried to recover it that way. It got the same error, then shutdown. Now every time I try to run from the recovery discs, it load the files then just goes to a black screen. Booting into windows (and safe mode) only gives the "windows need to be reinstalled" error and never gets far enough to load the desktop. I have some hardware diagnostic tools, and everything has passed. Now, if I connect the hard drive to another computer, can I use the recovery discs on just that drive and leave the main hard drive alone?
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  1. normally a recovery disk will attach to the primary hard drive *first in boot order of your bios* However, they way it sounds is that the file system has taken quite a lot of damage.
    The only solution that would be most time effective is to back up the files of the hard drive using a secondary computer and putting that as slave and reinstalling the OS completely after reformating the hard drive. *standard NTFS file system*
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