Please review my overclock e2160 and gigabyte p35

I have oc'd my processor to 3ghz by using 9 x 333. I set the pci express frequency to 100, system memory multiplier to 2.00, and left the system voltage control to auto. I am using 2 x 1gb gskill ram which is set at 1:1 ratio with 667. I have also disabeled C1E and EIST. I ran cpu-z and it reads my speeds correctly with certain readings fluctuating slightly. My rated fsb, core speed, and core voltage fluctuate a bit and I was wondering if that was normal. Core voltage has yet to go over 1.4 and it stays around 1.376 usually but can drop down to 1.360. I passed memtest86 and prime95 earlier but I did not extended periods for both. Will my overclock be stable? I was able to play a vew games like half life 2 and doom3 for a couple of hours with no crashes. My computer crashed once while trying to run a dreamcast emulator and reset my overclock but I am just hoping that was the emulator itself. Any advice is appreciated.

9x333 overclock to 3ghz
45c max temp on high load according to speedfan.
cpu-z has slight fluctuations on rated fsb, core voltage, and core speed. Is that normal?
Core voltage is usually at 1.376, has not been close to 1.4.
Prime95 and memtest86 passing. Prime95 ran for 9 hrs no errors.
Able to play half life 2, doom3 maxed out with high fps for a couple of hours.
One crash that reset my OC when trying a buggy emulator, not sure if this is the case.
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  1. Are you using an after market CPU cooler? If not, WoW. I run high 60C at 2.8GHz with a similar setup with stock cooler. Everything that I've read says to set the system voltage to manual, but I was kind of wondering the same thing.

    I ran 2.8GHz on auto voltage and had temps near 70C now I run at 1.325 manually and it doesn't reach 60C.

    Are you using the P35-DS3L?
  2. Yes I am using the p35 and I am using an aftermarket Rosewill HSF. My temps have never broken 45c at full load.
  3. I believe that's the Tcase and not the core temp. Grab Coretemp and run Prime95 for awhile.

    Another suggestion is lowering the cpu voltages. Auto usually gives too much voltage, so doing it manually would decrease the voltage and thus the temperature.
  4. I used coretemp and its the same temperature, 32c idle and about 45 max load. I don't think I need to set my core voltage manually because it never even hits 1.4. If it starts to become unstable or my core voltage gets too high I guess I will set it manually. I ran prime95 for 9 hours and it passed with no errors. I passed memtest86 but I didn't run it long enough. I will run it overnight.
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