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So i was using mozilla firefox for a while, but it started getting slow so i switched to chrome, now the issues i have is some websites dont work on chrome or videos wont load on chrome, Should i just switch to Internet explorer because everything loads in IE... Curious what your thoughts are and any suggestions. Its very frustrating to not have we4bsites work and constantly have to open in other browsers...
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  1. Try those too. like Safari, and check out this "web browser" http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/firefox-15-safari-6-web-browser,3287.html
  2. Which version of firefox were you running. It always seems pretty sanppy to me. Perhaps you had too many addons/plugins installed and it was slowing it down. I usually try to limit addons to 2 or 3 with adblock being one of them.
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