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Hey all,
I installed a fresh copy of Vista Business. I had XP before and had no problems, but I had Vista around and figured it'd be worth a try. So far I have had no serious problems, but I do get something weird. Vista keep resetting my overclock. I have an overclock on my processor from 2.0 ghz to 3.0 ghz. This overclock had no problems working in XP what so ever and was more than stable. I check the bios on boot, all settings are correct for the overclock, with EIST and C1E disabled, and then I boot up. However, once Vista starts all the clock settings for the CPU are reverted to normal as from checking cpu-z. When I restart and check the bios again, the overclock settings are still there and cpu control is enabled! The bios is allowing the overclock, but vista is stopping it.

I never had this problem in XP. Does anyone know how to fix it?

I also have two questions:
When I install a new OS do I need to reinstall the bios?
Does Vista require more voltage for an overclock or is it less stable?
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  1. Vista will lower your multiplier when you dont need the horsepower. I beleive its called speedstep. When you do need it, it ramps it up.
    Run prime95 which will stress your cores to 100%, then check cpu-z and see what it says
  2. I know about speedstep, it's part of the processor not OS, but I thought I had turned that off as part of EIST. In addition, how would that make it so I don't have my overclock? I overclocked by changing the fsb, not the multiplier, and the fsb is shown at default instead of my oc as well.
  3. The OS should have no effect with OCing. If anything, it's compatibility issue with Vista and CPUz. Get the latest version.
  4. I have the lateset versions.
    In addition, I know the CPU isn't overclocked. How? By the 10 fps I lost in every game with the same settings as before. I know Vista uses more, but not this much more, Orthos even shows the CPU working at default clocks.
  5. *sigh*

    Go back to XP. Seriously. [/partisan]
  6. Save XP!
  7. BAH! I run Vista x64 and have had 0 problems overclocking. I can't really explain why you're seeing what you are, but just wanted to say, it probably isn't Vista.
  8. I was being facetious.
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