matshita DVD-RAM UJ-820S won't open the folder on a DVD-R

I am tring to load a program that's on a DVD-R through my matshita DVD-RAM UJ-820S on my Toshiba laptop. However it will only open to the first folder and all the subfolders do not appear in the window (to include the setup.exe). Why is this happening? I've gone into folder option to ensure "view all subfolders" is checked etc. I also know that this disk works fine as it can be opened on other laptop in the apt. What is preventing it from opening on my Toshiba matshita DVD-RAM UJ-820S???? I'm very frustrated as I cannot load the program I need to load. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP?
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  1. MatsuSHITa DVD drives are crap,
    if it's a DVD burned by a friend ask them to re-burn it using the slowest burn speed available and making sure they close the session.
  2. Yeah, your probably right, I should probably replace it w/something else. But thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to reach him.
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