I bought 2x's 150 gig Raptor my god they are soo loud???!??!?!?!

K well i installed 2 150 gig Raptor Hard Drives and Raid 0 them. THat makes a total of 5 hard drives totalling up to 1050 gigs.

Are the Raptor HD supposed to be this loud...I'm doing basic Desktop stuff and these things some times fire up lol, and they are louder than my GX2 on 100% fan.

The other HDDs are silent I can't even hear them at all, is there anything I can do about it? I remember the old shoe lace technique:P
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  1. Lol, the frist time mine wound up I though the garbage diposal was on. They are the loudest thing in my PC.
  2. Hard drives in general are loud. I have an old, but still usable WD400 that is very loud. My WD1600AAJS isn't particularly loud, but in my silent rig, it's noticeable even with my suspension mounting.

    Your Raptors run at 10k RPM, the usual 7200 RPM is quieter, maybe you should have gotten a VelociRaptor since it's quieter.
  3. Try using rubber mounts, my P150 comes with them as well as suspension mounts to avoid the hard drives rubbing against the case causing vibrations.
  4. yeah but the disaddvantage with the velociRaptor is thats its slower than 2 150s in RAID.

    I knew the raptors ran 10k, but soo loud:P

    I paid 250$ for both of them:P alot cheaper than buying 1 Velociraptor:) and lot faster
  5. raptors tend to be louder than most drives since they spin at 10k rpm. that's the price of their performance. you might be able to deaden the sound a bit, but they are by no means quiet.
  6. Yeah I would try that, buts I doubt its the vibration that makes the noise, its the rotation, it sounds like a CD.

    What I might do is buy special noise suppressing material...but at the same time I don't want to block my Front Fan from breathing in air:P
  7. Yeah, I've got some plastic material on my cases 2 sides and top to suppress noise more. I think it helps a lot.
  8. A case like the Coolermaster Cosmos was built with noisy HDs in mind. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of greatly reduced airflow/cooling.
  9. I stopped using my raptor due to the noise. After a while i just couldn't stand it anymore as the rest of my machine is pretty silent.. water cooled.

    but they are fast as hell
  10. the new velicaraptor is actually more gigabyte for the money if u do the math and 2 of the old raptors are barely faster then the new one. im currently having some harddrive trouble and if i cant figure it out its reason enough for me to buy the new raptor. lol
  11. how can it be faster I saw a comparative chart where the Velociraptor is just a little faster than the Raptor, and having 2 of them in Raid doubles the performance, and I also came out almost 100$ cheaper since the new velociraptors are 305.99+ taX
  12. Raptors have always let you know they're in your rig, and won't let you forget it. As mentioned earlier, try the rubber mounts. I'd stopped using mine in RAID0 because of the noise for a while, but I went back to them. The quietest I'd ever heard them be was when I had them in a CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 that I auditioned (and otherwise didn't like).

    TBH, I'm not sure the Raptors performance is worth the aural and fiscal cost anymore...lots of other drives that perform well and are quiet.
  13. Having 2 drives in RAID 0 does not double performance.
  14. It doubles synthetic performance, everything is takin with a grain of salt, the transfer with Raid 0 lets say 1 HD processes using Sandra at 50 megs, it will transfer at about 100 megs in RAID 0.

    10,000 RPM x's 2 technically speaking:)
  15. There is generally no real world(vs. synthetic transfer rate benchmarks) performance advantage to raid of any kind.
    Go to www.storagereview.com at this link: http://faq.storagereview.com/tiki-index.php?page=SingleDriveVsRaid0
    There are some specific applications that will benefit, but
    gaming is not one of them. Even if you have an application which reads one input file sequentially, and writes
    it out, you will perform about as well by putting the input on one drive, and the output on the other.
  16. As far as the noise goes, I used fiber gaskets between my Raptor 19 gig and the hard drive cage and plastic one on the screws to isolate the drive from everything. The result has been that I can hardly hear it at all. In fact, the fans of my Antec 900 often make more noise than the Raptor does.

    As far as performance goes, it loads the OS and games noticeably faster than the Seagate and the Western Digital on my other computers, so I'm happy with it.
  17. Check out this PDF I found on western digital's website: http://www.wdc.com/en/library/2178-001010.pdf

    150GB Velociraptors!!!! I wonder when/if those will come out. I'd imagine they'd pretty much kill the current raptor x wd1500adfd. They would have to cost around the $200 mark, probably a bit lower. I'd buy 2 of those in a second and raid 0 them.

    I'm currently using 2x wd1500adfd in raid 0. They are a bit loud, definately the loudest noise that comes from my computer at any time. Both of them also make different noises too, I have an early wd1500adfd-00LNR1 and a newer wd1500adfd-00LNR5 and both have different firmware versions.
  18. I got 2 500GB 32MB cache Seagate 7200.11's in raid 0 and they cost me less give me more storage and work as well as 2 raptors.
    For what you pay for the raptors they should have a 64MB cache.
    I still have 2 37GB raptors in raid 0 on another machine, but I like my 7200.11's better.
    The raptor is just not a good deal bang for buck. Especially with the Seagate drives beating them in all but one benchmark.
  19. Well with Raid my games load faster so thats enough for me, and also file transfer is alot faster:)
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