150 Gig Sata HD Freezes comp at dos help plz

ok so i bought a sata on accident instead of a pata
i brg it home to install find that the PSU doesnt have any sata connecters
so i go out n buy a new PSU
i put that in n put in the new sata hd and at first the comp doesnt detect
that hd so i remembered the sata ports might be off so i check and sure enough they are
so i turn them on and reboot then the mobo detects the sata hd but freezes at the IDE detection
i tried running it in prim master slave and 2nd master slave but no matter where it goes
it freezes
the sata ports are onboard so it isnt a card problem
i removed all extra cards so its down to the bare essentials to run
if i disconnect the sata hd the comp will boot past dos till it detects no disk

already removed the mobo battery for 10min
tried moving the sata port jumper but did nothing

got any ideas?

CPU= intern pentium 4 2.80Ghz (200x14.0)
Ram= 1.2gigs (1gig ddr pc2100 ) (256 ddr pc2100
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  1. remove the 256MB and see
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