marvel raid utility

confused. coud use some guidance.

up and running on vista x64, using 3 disks in a raid 5 config. when the computer reboots it flashes one screen that is like a raid overview. a few seconds later another screen flashes by indicating it could not find any raid arrays or disks

i think that screen is related to this marvel raid utility that i installed off the mobo disk. which also acknowledges there are no disks or arrays set up.

when vista x64 installed (first ever time for me, like a virgin. woo. i never saw the f6 option like you would in xp.

where do i go from here please?
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  1. it seems the intel matrix software is what the raid is set up on
  2. If you have the 3 SATA drives pluged into the blue SATA ports then under SATA configuration set configure SATA as RAID. Then when you reboot after the BIOS you will get the Intel RAID screen Press CTRL + I to enter the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option ROM utility. Refer to Chapter 5 in you manual to setup the RAID.

    If you are using the 2 Black and the ESATA on the back then you will use the Marvell Controller.

  3. got it. any particular reason to have 2 raid controllers built in like this?
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