Evga 8800gts 320 vanilla ,new, Should I Ebay it?

Yes I know about the 8800gt. The video card market is not perfect now,
I feel more sorry for the sub 8800 family purchasers. I stepped up from
a 8600gts superclocked. To get it,I got a subsidy. The step-up & cost set me
out of my own pocket about $230 CDN . The step up took several months
(evga and the postal service).I got used to not having the card around
using a X850pro in the mean time. It has not been open, ebay prices do
not imply a killing to be made should I unload now or wait for the hype
to settle ? (I would rather get a 2 slot cooling solution.)
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  1. Heh, if I had a 8800GTS (any type) right now, I'd totally sell it if off and get a 8800GT or 3800HD later.

    People on EBAY are dumb, last time I checked (bout a week ago) they are still paying top dollar for the obsolete techs. Net a good 230ish on that card, then buy a 8800GT for about 250. Just got yourself a GTX basically for must less $.

    With the release of the 3800's, the 8800GT should drop a bit in price, provided the 3800 is priced right and nearly as powerful.
  2. Interestingly there is alot of 640mb versions (used) out there.
  3. It depends on what resolution and games you play. If you want to play top notch games, go sell it buy yourself a 8800GT. If you play on small res, the 8800GTS should suffice. Tell you what, you should put it on ebay and see how much it can get you. If you like the price, sell it. If you don't then don't, keep it.
  4. I just noticed an update on ATI's 3870's benchies 2fps behind 8800gt
    but rendering on a Crysis water body is dramatically better.
  5. nope keep it
  6. I too say keep it, use it, enjoy it.

    But while the 8800GT is in such short supply, you may just find you'll get a good price for it. I was close to ebaying my 8800GTS 320MB just before the 8800GT launched but decided to hold off. I have an evga 8800GT KO edition on preorder ($279 shipped from Amazon) but could almost care less at this point if I get it or cancel it. See, I'm with you and the single slot cooler on the 8800GT is a big negative IMO. The GTS cooler is quiet and blows the hot air out of the case. I'd like the G92 base 8800GTS with a dual slot cooler if I were to upgrade. The single slot HD3850 sounds decent though if temps and noise are anything like the rumors/early tests say they are.
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