Thermal grease VS thermal ceramique?

So I've heard that using something like Artic Silver 5 on a GPU can be a bad idea if it does not get applied correctly. Spillage can possibly lead to major problems, such as shorting out your GPU.

They recommend Artic Silver Ceramique be used on GPUs.

What do you guys use? I've heard Artic Silver 5 is a better thermal compound than the AS Ceramique stuff. Do you guys have any methods to prevent spillages/leaks so that you can use AS5 on your GPUs safely?
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  1. What I do is clean off the old thermal paste first, then put a small dab of thermal paste in the center of the gpu and the memory. Then put the heatsink back on. I use AS5.
  2. The Artic Silver web site recommends applying a very small amount, a little smaller than a grain of rice in the center of the CPU. As far as a GPU it has to be much smaller. Hope this helps.
  3. I use OCZ-freeze, works like a beast

    But I'd use AS5, but if you do be carefull
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