500gig 16mb cache or 500gig 32mb cache?

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  1. well the price difference is only $10, so just get the 32MB cache version. i bought one recently, and i've got no complaints. besides, the 32MB version is part of the 7200.11 series, which is the newest one from seagate. it has other advantages besides double the cache.
  2. I'd personally take the 32MB version, but I don't know what kind of real world performance benefits it would yield.
  3. Forget those,

    Get the Western Digital 640mb, it is about the same price, and it smokes the standard Raptor drives, at 4 times the storage space and at faster speeds.

    The new velociraptor is faster, but twice the money.

  4. ^ Can you explain how that drive is faster than the 32MB I posted?
  5. ragingazn628 said:
    ^ Can you explain how that drive is faster than the 32MB I posted?

    Because his ego says it is faster.

    Seriously, take the drive from the newest series with the biggest cache. Each series of drives is always a bit faster than the previous, and the biggest cache never hurts.

    BTW Seagate, WD, Sammy and Hitachi all make excellent HD's. Currently my computer has a WD Raptor plus a bunch of Sammy's. The Sammy's are the quietest drives I have heard.
  6. One of the nice things about the egg is the users reviews, so read them.

    This drive also made me sell my 74 gb raptor after it was owned by this drive.

    Also this review gives you some benchies so you know my ego can rest easy.


    It is also dead silent as well. and runs 3c cooler than my Seagate 500gb.
  7. so I should get a WD640 instead?
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