Is it worth it for me to run my HD at 3.0 GBPS???

Hey, I've got a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 that I bought here: I know it is supposed to be able to run at 3.0gbps, but for some reason I remember thinking you had to have special hardware, or vista or something for it to work anyway. I know that in order to get the 3gbps I would have to remove the little jumper on the hdd, but I don't want to unless It is really going to work (plus its really hard to get out, I tried).

My system:
windows xp professional
gigabyte ds3l mobo
e2180 c2d proc
4gb ram g.skill
radeon 3870 grx

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  1. you might as well just take it out. your board supports it, so just get a pair of tweezers or something and pull that jumper out. (thats how i did it :)). i should probably add that running the hard drive at 3Gb/s is not limited to windows vista. it's not limited by software at all, only by your motherboard and hard drive.
  2. While there aren't any hdd out there that can even transfer @ 1.5gpbs, you may as well run the 3.0gpbs setting if your board supports it.
  3. thanks guys oh and doomturkey, what do you mean? you mean no hard drive actually ever gets up that high or what?
  4. yeah no hard drive is capable of those rates. I think most pull off about ~100mpbs
  5. 3gb is just the interface speeed, no the actual hard drive speed.
  6. Here is the maximum read transfer performance of your drive. Note that it doesn't even saturate PATA bandwidth. The 16MB buffer will take advantage of the higher bandwidth, but that is in the wind. Pull the strap or leave it in, it will have very little affect.

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS
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