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Hello, I have 4 DVDs of myself being interviewed from which I'd like to get text so I can edit and use for writing. Is there safe software and/or companies that do this?
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  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking, home edition is pretty cheap and will be a lot cheaper than having someone else do it for you. Just play the DVDs and put a mic on the speakers, will convert it to text.
  2. Thanks,
    I see Home Edition is $99 list ($79 at many sites) vs. other versions more expensive. Actually, I have an old Naturally Speaking 8, when I think that was the only version. I haven't used it yet and am tempted to try it before thinking of buying the current version 12. Is 12 sufficiently better to warrant buying it rather than use 8? Any advice before I get started over the Christmas Holidays?
  3. Try 8 and see since you already have it. Keep in mind that if this is for anything important you need to proof ready it anyway. I don't know exactly how much better the new version is, Dragon may have some info on that.
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