User accounts "learn about" options files missing

Hello, I've lost files that one sees under the 'Learn About' options on the User Accounts page, eg
? User accounts
? User account types
? Switching users

I have a backup and another computer to copy files from but don't know their location.

This is what it should look like

but I see the outline of the 'page' with a blank inside.
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  1. Hi.

    The Help Files are located in the Windows Folder at C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr

    Also, you should have a registry entry at:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\HELPCTR.EXE

    that has a default value of C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpCtr.exe

    I would suggest that you compare the files in the folders and the above registry entries between your good computer and the one that is acting up. You will likely find the problem in this area.

    Good Luck!
  2. thanx, I'll have a look
  3. it looks like that may have been the right area, but for some reason, I ran into problems with an uninstall and after trying to fix it for a while it became obvious restoring from factory settings was the answer.

    I rather suspect that whatever files were MIA was because of the Work IT dept some time ago as restoring from earlier backups didn't solve the problem.

    Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated
  4. Glad to hear your working again, even if it took a factory restore.

  5. thanks. all working now, just a few more apps to reinstall, but at least it should be leaner and keener now
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