Which hard drive for gaming? Size not an issue

I'm looking for a good HD that will give me great performance for gaming, looking to spend between $150-$200.

I don't really care about space, because on my current HD I only have about 40Gigs used, all of my mp3, pics, etc go onto my spare HD.

I just want to use the main HD for OS, programs and games.

I was thinking for maybe getting those raptos 10Krpm, are those my best bet for speed performance?
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  1. This should help :- http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/3-5-hard-drive-charts/maximum-read-transfer-rate,666.html?p=1781.

    I think you will find that you would do better to put money into display card rather than a hard disk. A fast disk will ONLY improve your game load times your FPS will not change.

  2. When it comes to gaming, the bottleneck will never be the hard drive. As long as you have 32MB of cache, anything goes. BTW, 10k and 15k drives have the distinct disadvantage of running slightly warmer than a 7200. And unless you're running a server, you probably don't need them.
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