FX5200 AGP or ?

I have a Celeron 2.6ghz w/ 1256 RAM and Intel board w/ geForce2 100/200 card. I want to upgrade the card to a FX5200 or better. My local PC Shop has a FX5200 AGP and says it has 128ram and should work fine for running on 3d effects in Compiz-fusion in Linux Mint 3.1 and PCLOS 2007 which are both installed on separate 40gb hdds.

Do you think this is a good choice or should I get a better card?
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  1. Get an entire overhaul?
  2. That depends what you want to do with your computer.

    If you want to game, there are a whole hell of a lot of better cards out there than the 5200...

    ...but if you don't want to game, the 5200 will be fine.
  3. For a second PC it works just fine. I run Linux and don't play games at all. So thanks for the advice. I'll go with the 5200.
  4. yea, if you dont need high frame rates for gaming, the 5200 is an ok choice (dx9 support even).
  5. How much are you paying for it? If its under $35ish its a good deal, anything more and your starting to get ripped of.
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