Question about my Q6600.

hi, i built my new pc not long ago.
Q6600 G0
2g ocz platinum
8800gts 512mb
thermaltake maxorb

im not an expert at overclocking, but i got my cpu to 3.0ghz. it has been stable so far running prime95. 1.325 vcore.

anyways my temperatures are about 35 idle and 65 load.

during max load:
core0 65
core1 62
core2 58
core3 60
are these temperatures too high or safe?

i have several questions, first and most importantly, why is there as much as a 7 degree difference between core0 and core2? is that unusual? also, how is my vcore in relation to my clock speed? is that vcore a little high for 3.0ghz? should i try for 3.6?
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  1. the vcore is too high for that overclock... what does the vid say in coretemp? Also on that board you should enable load line calibration on newer bios, or line damper on older bios. That will help v-droop and make it possible to lower the vcore, lowering your temperatures or headroom for higher clocks.
  2. VID is the voltage in the bios while the voltage you read in cpuz is after vdrop and vdroop. You could probably lower the VID a bit more.

    65C is the limit for load temps. If you want to OC more, just make sure it doesn't pass 65C. Also the difference in core temps is normal, but yours may be a bit worse than others. It's usually around 4C difference, but there was a member here who had a 10C difference.
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