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So i've been looking pretty hard for a micro ATX case that has a gamer feel to it, or something that I can do to mod.

So i found the Chenbro Hornet ( ) but I can't find anywhere that sells it. Anyways Thanks for hte help guys.
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  1. get the cooler master from newegg, 39 shipped and it isnt ugly
  2. any other suggestions? also: there is no coolermaster micro atx from newegg.
  3. Some that may work

    Antec NSK1300 (small psu, but should run a decent system) -
    Ultra MICROFLY(get it without the PSU) -
    Apevia X-QPACK-BL - Same as the ultra
    Apex TX-381(drop the psu and get ure own. only the handle is lan'ish) -
    Thermaltake Lanbox Lite (windows optional) -

    Thats all i can think of right now....just remember cooling is less in most of those maybe a 6750 + 8800GTS(the 112 sp version) at stock is a good idea. it will still game...
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