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Computer Won't Display After Inactivity

November 27, 2012 1:38:12 AM

Hey everyone,

I recently returned from Europe after 4 months. I packed my computer away so it wouldn't collect dust and drain energy and whatnot. I recently took it back out and set everything up.

The first time I booted up, it froze at the Windows 7, floating ball screen. Normally my rig boots up so fast that that part is choppy. But I restarted.

Second time, it made it to the screen to decide how to boot windows. I tried running a diagnostic and it suggested a system restore which I didn't do. Could have, but didn't, as all my files are backed up regardless on my laptop / external.

The third time, it just stopped displaying anything.

What I'm thinking is that it may be a MoBo reset. This computer wasn't being used at all - is it possible that harmed something?

I just want to troubleshoot for a bit before I start manually turning the machine off and on when that might be dangerous. Any help or related experience would be appreciated.