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I have a Gigabit network connection on both my PC (in Sig) and on my server (Intel motherboard Xeon based machine with 2003 server enterprise). Both have RAID 5 arrays with 3 drives in my machine and 8 drives in my server. I also have a router but I do not transfer data through it for local file transfers. When I transfer files to the server I am only getting about 10MB of transfer speed. The files are all sizes from large video files to small text files. I am wondering why the speed is so slow. I was expecting to see about 30MB on the low end and up to 60MB on the high end.

I am using a low end Switch

Is it really that bad or should I look in another direction?

I have not done a transfer test using a x-over cable yet.
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  1. what kind of cable are you using to connect these?

    cat 3, and cat 5 are not going to reach gigabit speeds. You will need 5e or 6 for gigabit and above speeds...

    the switch you have should be fine.. If not the cabling there could be some kind of setting on your NIC that is throttling it down to a lower 10/100mb speed.
  2. I using CAT6 on 1 and CAT5e on the other. All cables are one of those 2 standards.
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