Vista is Rebooting all by itself - bluescreen pops up at the end

Hello, I've read in another topic about the same problem, only that he did not get up the blue screen.
I've tried to fix in the Control Panel - System, etc., but it behaves exactly as before.
I do not have enough time to look for more threads like this, because the data will soon restart AGAIN

Sorry for bad English, is said not have time to check for spelling mistakes
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  1. Are you getting a memory dump? Good place to start would be:

    1. run memtest (download, burn to cd, boot into cd)

    2. run hard drive diagnostic tool (spinright is a good program for this, run level 2, unfortunantly this is a program you have to buy, but its worth it)

    3. download whocrashed and run it, this program will read memory dumps on the machine and put them in human readable form...sort of

    Hope this helps
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