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I have always used firefox and for the last few revisions, I have had many crashes. It crashes at random times too. My only add-ons are Java (which crashes when I try and update it) and AVG Do Not Track. Anyone else seeing crashes in Firefox as of late? Could it be Java which won't seem to update correctly? Any thoughts would be appreciated as I don't want to switch to another web app. Thanks.
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  1. Here is a list of plug ins too...
    Acrobat, ESN Launch Mozilla, iTunes App detector, Java Deployment tool kit, Java Platform, Picasa, Quicktime, Shockwave flash and VLC web
  2. I did get Java to update finally. Maybe that will solve the issue. I will be sure to reply whether it does or not.
  3. You can always try uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it. Your profile may have become corrupt. Try creating a new profile and see if the same happens.
  4. Make sure you've updated to the most recent version of firefox and that you are running it on a compatible OS with capable enough hardware. Windows 2000 no longer supports the recent versions of firefox.
  5. I am running a Xeon 1245v2, 16GB of ddr3 1600mhz, a Crucial 128GB SSD and Windows 7 Pro 64. I doubt its the hardware or the OS. Since upgrading the Java, I haven't had any issues, but I am not going to call it fixed just yet.
  6. Maybe it's just some bug in firefox depending on the version.
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