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I am working on starting up a small business and in the past I have had myspace, facebook, and online info and other stuff.

I'm trying to find out, how can I get rid of all the information about me online? People searches, personal information, old accounts I forgot passwords to, or accounts that just seem to pop up like that myyearbook or something similar. I'm trying to erase/nullify as much as I can out there because some if it could be gossip, false, or just old information.
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  1. When you sign up for any social networking site you need to read their terms and agreements. You are basically waiving your right to that information and will most likely not be able to eradicate it all.
  2. >.< Eh, it isn't so much the social networking sites honestly, I can probably fix those on my own, it was more so, in general. People search sites, name search sites, reference to posts or quotes, etc. I've found that sites repost yahoo answer questions and change the date on them making it look out of context to the situation, as well as social networking sites allowing grouped sites like mylife, to post information and links to me, oh well.
  3. As stated, you'll never eradicate it all. Some sites allow you to send in requests for removal. If your name/address/phone number is published in the phone book, it's public domain and most any site can use it. You can request they remove it, but they don't have to. Even if you never used the internet there will be some info about you online. My parents are in their 70's and have NEVER touched a computer, but I can find lots of stuff about them online. Stuff like the deed to your house (like phone numbers) are public domain - no way to hide it.
  4. Okay, thanks again for the help. I managed to get some of it off, just required work on my part, lol. My main concern is two accounts, one is a yahoo account, that I don't remember the password, or the questionarre form, or any of it, but I know its mine, lol.
  5. Contact yahoo. If you can prove the account is yours they may deactivate the account for you.
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