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Ok, here's my situation:
I have a genuine Windows XP Pro copy. I'm planning on formating my pc and reinstalling Windows using that old Windows XP copy. Here's the problem: I already installed it on another machine, but that machine broke down, and we destroyed the hard drive and threw it away.

If I install this Windows XP on my current, fully working machine, will it count it as non genuine? Will I be unable to get updates?
PC Specs:
Vista Home Premium SP1 (pre-installed on the machine)
AMD Athlon 64X2 4600+ @ 2.41 Ghz
GeForce 9800GT
2 gigs ram
250GB Hard disk

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  1. it wont be a issue,, even it fails to get genuine validation, you will fix it with Microsoft support..
  2. See, I dunno Microsoft's number, and I don't wanna be 2 hours on the phone
    Thank you anyways!
    Does anyone else have anything to add?
  3. If it's a genuine disc, you will have no problem. You will be able to pass MS validation, and get updates. If it's been activated a few times, you may need to call MS, and have them activate it.
  4. It might have been activated once or twice
    is that OK?
    The serial key I have is legit
  5. Oh one more thing
    We reinstalled windows with that disc about 4 times on my old computer, cause it kept crapping out
    will i still be able to pass activation and recieve updates?
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    All you can do is try. If you get blocked when you go to activate it, you can use the MS phone support to activate it.

    The reason they do that is because they don't want people buying a single license, and then installing it on 50 computers. A single license is only legally installed on one computer at a time.
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Then I'd better get my MS number
    Thanks to all!
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  9. Thanks for the vote :)

    Good luck.
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