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Pls help!
Problem: I recovered my Windows Vista of my HP notebook with a Lenovo recovery CD. After installation, I try to change the product key back to my HP notebook's product key which appeared at the bottom of my HP notebook, it tell me my key is not valid. Any solution to get it through.

My HP notebook which runing vista home premium 32 bit (english). because of the HDD fail, i cannot access neither the window partition nor the recovery partition. Finally, I replace a new HDD but I didn't have a recovery CD of my HP notebook.
I use a recovery CD from a Lenovo notebook and recovery the vista (same Vista home Premium 32 bit english of my HP notebook.) and I cannot change the key.
Call Microsoft, no solution for this, call HP, they don't provide recovery disc. The only solution is to send the notebook and to their repair centre. (very costly)
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  1. Use the phone option to activate it!
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