I'm welcoming recommended PSU for my build, plz

Hey all! My rig will have:

-Gigabyte P35-DS3R mobo
-Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB 2X1GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL4-4-4-12 Dual Channel Memory Kit
-Intel C2D e6750
-Nvidia 8800GT
-500 Gig SATA HDD
-Two SATA DVD Drives
-Case will be chosen to suit PSU.

No SLI support required.
I am looking for a PSU to power the above for less than $100 CDN. I've read lots of reviews, but all seem favorable. I would like to hear from your experiences with your recommendations if possible.
Tidy cords would be a definite plus! And not too noisy!
Thanks in advance. :wahoo:
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  1. Antec True Power Trio 650W

    Google checkout makes this baby $95.98 shipped.
    Plus $30 rebate
    ONLY $65.98 after rebate.

    If you already used google checkout:
    go to http://www.dealigg.com/story-Buy-com-Coupons-15-off-200-10-off-175-5-off-50-more-1
    Click on $5 off purchase of $100 or more.
    Then $100.98 shipped
    Plus $30 rebate
    Only $70.98

    I've had nothing but good things with Antec power supplies. Last rig used a Antec 550. Just bought this puppy myself.

    Overclockers review: 9.5

    : 10 out of 10
    - 85% Efficiency
    - Nvidia SLI Certified
    - Quiet operation, fan speed control
    - Active Power Factor Correction
    - Three +12V Rails

    - None!


    The most accurate power supply to date. It's a real performer!
    It's extremely quiet, and perfect for a quiet computing environment.
    Connectors are high quality and fit well.
    Lots of motherboard power options: Future Proofed.

    The most attractive thing about this power supply is the box.

    Overall: 9.0 / 10.0

    I did my research :-)
  2. For a few dollars more you could go with CorsairHX520 which is modular and sleeved cables (nice and tidy) and its an awesome solid psu
  3. chookman said:
    For a few dollars more you could go with CorsairHX520 which is modular and sleeved cables (nice and tidy) and its an awesome solid psu

    Grab the HX520 if you can, one of the most acclaimed PSUs in a while, great stability, even at over-spec loads, and it is modular. Good price-point too!
  4. itotallybelieveyou said:
    Why are you recommending the Cooler Master? no No NO!
  5. Quote:
    Why not the coolermaster? did you have a bad one?
    Coolermaster (also quoted as Cooler Master in the PSU list) is a tier 4 and 5 PSU manufacturer. The Official XS Tiered PSU Manufacturer Brand Listing Phase III gives a ranking of various PSUs. It is not completely up to date but it will give you a pretty good idea of how the PSU that you are looking at fairs. You should stay at or above tier 3. Tier 5 is complete junk and tier 4 is almost complete junk. The other suggestions like the Corsair VX/HX series and the Antec Trio are much better. If you look at the other threads on PSU choice questions, you will get many other good choices as well. Just be wary of the errant cooler master etc. recommendation.
  6. Wow, I had no idea about the tiered listings...Thanks for your help! And that quick one line web-link answer about the Coolermaster kind of seemed suspect from the start...Thanks for checking out my thread!

    For the moment, I think I'll go with chookman and Gravemind123. The Corsair HX520.
  7. That's a good choice. It is made by Seasonic and is single rail. Here is a review by jonnyguru.

    Edit: I don't believe that it was the intention of itotallybelieveyou to mislead you. I've read a lot of his posts and have never seen that from him.
  8. Understood. Some people are fast contributors and drop single liners...I don't doubt he was trying to help.
    BTW, Thanks for the jonnyguru review. Bizarre, but uniquely informative.
  9. I'd say go for the Corsair. It's good quality, and I've heard nothing but good reviews about it.
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