Good & Bad Pipelining in FF

Can anyone share and tought about good and bad thing when enable pipelining in Firefox browser... :)

I stumble at an option to enable pipelining in FF, when i enable it I found that my FF became much more faster to open web.... (usually 3s-5s now became 1s-2s in my usual web :ouch: ), so I'm wondering if there a side effect from enable this...

And why it not enabled at default... :??:

btw to enable it, it need to go to advanced/tricky/complicated setting (using about:config) unlike old FF that it was on option/setting :bounce:
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  1. You can get more details by searching for HTTP pipelining. Most browsers still leave it disabled by default because some Microsoft web servers (surprised?) do not properly implement the protocol.
  2. So the general idea is

    as long as the target server can handle pipelinining than it's okay....
    but if it cannot then web will displayed with error...

    Hmm... intresting.

    I guess I will test it for a week or soo, to see if it will cause some issue or not...
  3. Yes, if you get that much speedup it is worth the test.
  4. So far..
    Some Server that has high trafic that i usually need couple of reload to open now instanly open...

    But some server will not open at all.... (had to switch to google to open them)

    Well, let the test continue.. see if the positive is more weight than the negative..

    But i'm wondering if every one hypotheticaly turn on the pipeline isn't the server will became overload?
  5. Update: After a week of trial, I think I will keep the pipe-lining features on... :D

    looks like more benefit than downfall for me
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