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I just purchased a raptor x 150GB Hard Drive and installed it on a Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard. When I booted up, the motherboard detected the hard drive but Windows XP setup said it could not find any hard drives. I have the latest bios installed and I have tried messing with settings in the bios but nothing has worked. Does anyone have a idea about what is wrong with the board or XP?
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  1. Have you gone into administrative tools and partitioned the harddrive?
  2. If that is a 3.0 SATA and you mobo SATA is 1.5, you may have to change the jumpers. Check the WD site for that drives manual. Could also try to format off a floppy with the WD software
  3. I had a similar problem with my Asus a8v -e-se, had to boot off win xp disc, hit f6 when it asked and install 3rd party drivers from a floppy ot get the mobo/ XP to see it. Also there are a few bios settings you need to check or set if its similar to mine, like "boot from sata" , which drive order you want to boot from etc. dependign on your config. :D gg I had to reinstall once I did that, though:(
  4. I'm still running off an A8V deluxe and I think AeXStrider hit it on the head.

    You have to make the floppy with the 3rd party driver - either the promise driver or the Via drivers, depending on which you choose to use. They're on the CD that comes with the Mobo.
    Once you do that you proceed as AeX says to install them.

    I used Promise RAID for one system and Promise IDE emulation for the other system I built with these Mobo's. In each case you have to go into the BIOS and set up to either run RAID or IDE emulation (at for the promise chip).
    (and then set boot order, etc.).

  5. I am presuming he is connected to SATA 1 or 2 which is not on the promise controller. Bios recognizes the drive so he has to get windows to recognize it. When I installed a Sata drive on my old A8V Deluxe all I had to do is go into disc management in administrative tools and partition (format).
  6. By the way all Raptors are SATA 150
  7. @rolli59 - BIOS will recognize the drives without the driver. The driver is for windows - and has to be created for either Promise or VIA - certainly for Promise for RAID or IDE emulation. For VIA, though I never used it, the doc's indicate you need to do it for RAID operation, but maybe not for IDE emulation - is that what you used? Otherwise, all I can think of is that either SP2 carries a default driver that will work or you have a slipstreamed CD that carried the necessarily drivers on them.

    @OP - let us know how it went for you!

  8. I had the exact same problem; same hardware. (A8V deluxe.) I fought it for a while, then installed an IDE hard drive. Then I set up Windows XP PRO on the IDE, and it saw the sata drive. I cloned the IDE to the SATA. Then I unhooked the IDE drive and the sata drive booted just fine. (Just remember to reset the boot drive in bios each time.) I also added a sata DVD/RW and it shows up in "my computer", but will not work as a boot drive, so I left the IDE DVD/RW in just in case I need a DVD boot drive. A side note: You do not need to activate the XP installation for 30 days, so after all was working I activated the installation on the sata and formatted the IDE as a spare.
  9. WinXP does not have native SATA support. Therefore, 3rd party SATA drivers should be presented in the installation phase of WinXP via a diskette. Conversely, BIOS can be configured for IDE or Compatibility operation of SATA disks since diskette drives are rare. You cannot use an USB flash disk, either, because WinXP installation does not detect SATA drivers fed through USB flash disk. An USB diskette drive is O.K. but it requires manipulation of some files for WinXP to detect USB diskette drive.
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