New System Build - Can't boot to Windows - Please help :(

Hi guys, I really hope someone out there can help me - this is driving me insane!

Built a new system - well, new motherboard, RAM, CPU and GFX card. The system POSTs and gets as far as the Windows XP splash screen before throwing me to a blue screen every time with "Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78A2528)" error. I can't boot to safe mode either. My HDD (it's an IDE one) is recognised by the BIOS and is listed during the POST, and I know the HDD is fine as I'm using it as I type this in a different machine.

I've tried a different motherboard and the same thing happens. Argh! It's going to go over the balcony if this carries on much longer lol!

Any help would be Greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance

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    Is it a fresh install of windows?

    Unzip & burn this on cd/dvd on a working pc:

    Let it run for 5+ passes.
  2. If you take an HDD from a system that already has Windows on it and is using one kind of MB (eg. ASUS) and move that HDD to another system that's using another kind of board (eg. Gigabyte), then you'll have to format and re-install when you put that HDD into another system. It's something you won't be able to get around.
  3. Uh GuyAmI said, you cannot just move a Windows installation on a hard drive from PC to PC without incurring major problems...unless it's a nearly identical board/chipset configuration.
    Even then then, it's tricky to get everything working again.
    Not to say it cannot be done, but you have to do a repair install from the Windows disk. And it will still be somewhat buggy.
  4. That's why I prefer to do a format/re-install since you avoid those buggy issues. It does take time but atleast you can assure yourself that short of a malfunctioning piece of hardware, you'll have a working install of Windows.
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