Looks like the G92 GTS will have 128 shares as expected!

I have been almost laughed out of this forum by certain individuals when I claimed that the G92 GTS offering scheduled for December release will have 128 shaders unlocked. Well, this just in:


"After the success of the new GeForce 8800 GT, it looks like NVIDIA could have another card based on the same G92 core planned for later this year. Dubbed the new 8800 GTS (yes, I know it’s confusing – hopefully that will change) the new G92 card will feature 128 shader units instead of the 112 on the 8800 GT, which would suggest they could well exist on current 8800 GT cards and have been disabled for marketing or yield purposes. As it features a 256-bit memory interface it will go back to the more common 512MB and 1024MB memory blocks, and given how impressively the 8800 GT performs it’s expected it may be able to surpass NVIDIA’s 8800 GTX and possibly even the Ultra – NVIDIA’s two best cards. The card is expected to launch just after AMD’s Radeon HD 3800, and could well spoil the show for AMD if it performs as well as the speculation suggests."


This is exciting to say the least. I will wait until January and "step-up" from my EVGA 8800 GT once prices have settled down a bit.
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  1. Quote:
    Well, this just in:

    What's just in that I missed? Is there proof it's 128 SPU? Is there any new news? That quote is based off of the dailytech rumor we discussed two weeks ago link. We know there will be(or at least was planned to be) a G92 8800GTS, it was listed on NV's site and I sent the link to Fudo. Now we have a date, but still AFAIK don't know if it's 112 or 128 sp.
  2. this is the card i am getting!
  3. its gonna cost a fortune, have you seen the crossfire benches of the 3870, it toally pwns other cards, and if each cost ~$200, your getting ultimo power for $400 bucks.
  4. To the OP
    Quoting a source from a blog from another source who's source is a Chinese site?
    I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but :pt1cable:
  5. Good lord people. Don't you think a G92 with 128 shaders makes sense? I mean, c'mon, why would the have only 112 shaders on the GT if not holding back the last 16 for the GTS?

    Use common sense.
  6. It is going to happen, its been rumored for months and there are pics of it.


  7. What's the new GTX and Ultra supposed to be, then?
  8. Dual 8800GT on one card, to meet the confirmed HD3850 or w/e its called.
  9. What if you have the GTX & want to be replaced by new GTS, what do you call this,
    a step-up or a step-down?
  10. 128 does not seem too far fetched to me, but i would not take it as concrete yet, even with this ''evidence''

    nVidia is blowing my team out of the water right now and seeing 128 spu's will really sell some cards... i just hope that they are ph[_]cK expensive so i dont get my ass obsoleted any time soon.
  11. lol.. they will probably be under £250...

    Usually for step-up to a cheaper card you just pay postage I think??
  12. 8800GTS will have to prove that its a good % faster than the GT or everybody is gonna forget about the GTS and just go GT.

    Besides, NVIDIA better work on GT too, thats where they getting all they profits from right now..
  13. I just wish ATI would get their arse into gear so we could see some real competition at the higher end rather than this false competition of GT vs GTS vs GTX.
  14. I hope the new GTS sits at $300 (price I paid for my curent GTS) and that I can get one before my step-up runs out, so I don't have to spend more to get the 112sp 640mb GTS.
  15. I think 300 USD for the G92 8800 GTS 512 MB and 400 USD for the 1 Gig model.

    Right now, the 8800 GTS SSC 640 Model (w/ 112 shaders) is running about 2000 points higher than the 8800 GTS w/ 96 shaders. Assuming somewhere near the same increase for the G92 8800 GTS over the 8800 GT, you would be looking at Ultra 3DMark 06 scores.

    Looks like the new G92 8800 GTS should crank around 14,500 on the 3DMark06 (impressive) assuming you have a strong CPU.

  16. ATI really needs to step it up. Nvidia is only competing with themselves right now.

    The 8800 has gone unrivaled for way too long, and crysis is begging for more horsepower. Crying for more, really :-)
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