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ok stupid question but when overclocking on asus motherboards if overclock is bad i have to reset cmos even tho one of asus features is to recover from bad overclocks without resetting cmos .Does this feature not work or am i missing something?
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  1. It takes a while for it to reset, be more patient when it boots and doesn't post.
  2. Hehe. From what I have noticed, if it freezes at the Post. IE: Durring the CPU detection phase like mine always does. It fails to automatically re set, and requires a hard shutdown with bios reset. Anything else for me, and it recovers on its own, only thing I dislike abiout auto recovery, your CPU speed may jump up if your multi was X 8 and it sets it to X 9. Wonder why it resets what it wants to of the OC, lol!
  3. ok guess i'm not missing something then
  4. Not that I know of. Hell, I have this p5n32e sli that supposedly supports the 1333 FSB processors, yet when I take it up to more than 320ish, it does the start to post thing and then freeze, making me clear the darn thing each time! It doesnt boot anywhere near the 1333 mark. 1283 on up to 1480ish do NOT work at all! Waaaaahhhh!! And it drives me nuts, because its soooo slow to boot up again because I have to clear everything! ::Wails in horror!::

    You get the idea. But it works most of the time!! (hehe.)

    --Lupi! (And now you know why I have my name!)
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