case fans setup/airflow!!!!!!!!!

here's a picture of the case with the arrows indicating the directions of airflow (5 120mm fans). is there anything wrong with my fan setup? how would you do it differently?

i have a E6750 3.2ghz, P35-DS3L mobo, AC Pro cooler + AS thermal, and NOT happy with the 40C idle/~50C full-load. any ideas guys?
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  1. Well first off the top fan that is blowing back in I would cancel that and also if you can fit it put the bottom chassis fan blowing up that way it will create some flow. Also try lapping your cpu. There was a great guide on here not too long ago. Thats a problem. Make sure it is nice and clean in there as well.
  2. oh yeah and add another side fan blowing in which would be right on the cpu.
  3. Make sure your heatsink is on properly as well. That can cause up to 10-20c difference sometimes. If the suggestions don't work, you may want to try to lap the proc/heatisink smooth.

    Turn on the A\C?
  4. dont lap... sheesh.
    i say get an aftermarket cooler and some arctic silver (if you have already, disregard).
    also you want to try to maintain negative air pressure inside the case.
    this is acheived by having more air blowing out than you have blowing in. i agree with gahleon about turning the fan on top around to blow out instead of in. that will create enough aiflow over the ram to keep it cool. but be careful about creating a deadspace behind the processor (between the heatsink and the ram) it seems like that could interfere with the effectiveness of the rear exhaust fan. removing the fan grills optimizes airflow,if you can do that to the intake fan inthe front it may help some. i would also move the fan from over the video card to over the cpu cooler and pull the slot cover directly beneath your video card to allow fresh air to passively flow in (due to nifty negative air pressure).
  5. (After a few years my rig was becoming unstable and hotter. Taking off the cpu, cleaning it up and adding a thin layer of new paste fixed everything and made it run cooler than ever.)

    I would experiment with your fans. Also tie all bunches of cables inside the rig out of way to allow that air to flow around smoothly. (like the wing of a plane).

    Personally I would point all top fans to suck/blow UP and OUT. (This can also be more efficient by not having the rig under the desk so warm air isn't trapped under the desk etc.) Plus, I personally don't think having a PSU buzzing by my legs 24hrs is healthy..

    The front fan should blow in as it does. (Helps cool the HDD's)
    The side fans could both blow in to help cool the CPU., graphics etc.
    A REAR fan would help to suck out air too...
    The 2 top fans could blow out and up.
    I would try this and see what happens. Otherwise it seems that the air is being circulated around inside the rig and trapping itself? Do you have fan dust covers? Keep those vacuumned or cleaned etc.

    Good Luck.

    (My case is a Thermaltake Xaser III with 7 fans so I'm kind of copying that concept)
  6. okay, thanks for the inputs guys, I will switch that top fan to blow out tomorrow to see if it makes a different. I originally set it that way for the purpose of cooling the memory modules. I will add another sidefan to blow in as well.

    Inside the case has been fully clean and wires-tucked. The cables and less likely the cause of the problem, and beside, i dont think it could be further improved much at this point.

    I think the CPU heatsink is properly installed, as the temperature did drop about 12C from the stock unit. But since i only pay $19.95 for it, i might just upgrade to a better unit if i dont see a significant temp drop after trying out your suggestions.

    im looking into buying a 5.25" fan controller unit. The sunbeam unit seems to be the one right now.

    i will post the results after the adding and switching the fans.
  7. You mean a fan controller unit? If that is the case then go for it. It would be nice. However if you are talking about putting a fan bay in 5.25 slot, then that is another story because you have plenty of airflow. Certainly could use a fan controller. Good luck dude.
  8. @ gahleon - yes, i meant the fan controller unit to regulate the fan speed.

    @ supremelaw - thank you for your excellent inputs. to answer some of your responds:

    -my psu is facing down venting through the bottom of the CM690. I tried to install a 80mm fan on the right side but it didnt fit, gotta look for something slimmer like you've mentioned. Also, there is a 120mm intake fan behind the front panel blowing at the HDD, hence the accumulated dust on the panel. the exhaust fan has no speed control, but i assumed it's running at max speed since i could feel a decent amount of air exhausting.

    okay, so i have taken the suggestions and made some changes:

    1. two top fans are now exhausting air out
    2. add a 120mm in the bottom blowing air out
    3. air-blow the dust in the case
    4. still missing a 120mm intake side fan (will get one soon)

    the result? not looking any better, perhaps a bit worse than before. The cpu temp is now constantly jumping between 40-42 at completely idle, and jumping between 43-52 when under <50% load. :(

    I have a gigabyte mobo, and the cheap0 northbridge heatsink gets extremely hot almost all the time. I think i could fry egg on it. another hot component is the cheap gigabyte video card with the giant heatsink that could potentially be the major heat contributor. other than that, i cant think of anything else.

    here's some pictures of inside the case:

  9. Seriously, learn to use the EDIT button if no one else has posted!!!!!!!!!
  10. The two biggest contributors to heat in a PC are the vga card, and the cpu, that order. While your vga heat sink may be good at getting heat away from the vga chip, it does nothing to get it out of the system, thus increasing the hot air that the cpu cooler sees.

    Adding a simple slot cooler like this: under the vga card will help. Best would be replacing the vga cooler with a double slot OTES type cooler..

    In principle, you want air intake from the bottom and front, and exhaust out the top and rear.
  11. Mine is like this:

  12. okay.. i just flip the bottom fan to intake the air from the bottom, though the CPU temp remains the same, the case temp "feels" a lot cooler and seems to have better circulation now. im gonna grab a better HSF soon and hopefully will see some significant changes.

    The VGA probably remains there until my local crapbuy stock any XFX/EVGA/BFG 8800GT (got a $75 gift card, otherwise i will never buy crap there), or until i can find a decent deal online (I refused to pay markups).

    thanks for everyone responds/inputs/helps.
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