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Has a windows update mess with my drivers?

Hi, so I woke up this morning, and my computer had restarted, but not full, I have to F2 because of a faulty fan, but it's restarted, which means a windows update has rebooted it. Anyway, F2'd and it started up normal till i recognised my screen resolution was right down. So when I went to adjust it it has "default monitor" on. Now, normally not a problem, but I run dual monitors, and my second monitor is smaller, and it simply displays a sign on it saying the settings are too high, but none the less I can't adjust the secondary monitor now anyway. *sigh*

I bring up device manager to check drivers, and my Radeon X1650 SE and X1650 Secondary, have exclamation marks. So, restarted just incase, and they have crosses, obviously the drivers are gone/damage/corrupt or windows has fiddled with them. I have no idea, which is why I'm here. CCC is useless, is trying to copy either to or from ati2mtag.sys and failing.

So has the windows update damaged my drivers? I've tried running the newest CCC and that comes up with it's not certified by windows, but fails even if you ignore that anyway.

I was going to go back and go to a previous point where the drivers were fine, which would be yesterday or before, but if it's an auto update that's changed things, it'll be a matter of time until it happens again.

I run XP SP3, and whatever update just caught me.
Radeon X1650 SE graphics card
It's all part of a generic HP system I brought a while back, so it really shouldn't be any major compatibility issue.

I'm at a loss. The computer is still usable but not for anything graphic intensive, as you can imagine. So any help would be appreciated.

PS. First time asking for any help online, so be gentle...
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    Try to completely remove the ATI drivers.

    Use this software: Driver Cleaner Pro

    After you had uninstalled the drivers, make sure that you're installing the latest ATI Catalyst drivers.
  2. Nice... I did as it said, have to say, I was scepticle, but it worked :D

    You should probably recommend this site btw....

    That one has no link to it, while the one I've just posted has a freeware version
    (hope that's not against the rules)

    Thanx a bunch Matan, definitely sticking that on my external under software to keep safe.
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