8800 gt - aftermarket cooler? stock has loud fan noise?

hello all,

I bought an 8800 gt (gigabyte) and am very pleased with the performance. I sold my 8800gts 320mb a few days prior to the release and covered the cost of the upgrade (or sidegrade in some situations :) )

the stock gpu fan has a click noise to it. it feels like the fan can be moved slightly, sometimes touching it and bumping it a little will make it shut up - but it's driving me nuts.

I know, I should RMA it - but I'd rather not be without a video card for a while. I wouldn't mind playing around with overclocking it, so an aftermarket gpu cooler wouldn't be a terrible idea.

my questions:

which are compatible with the 8800gt? which would you reccomend? are they hard to install? I am a help desk tech and have built numerous PC's from the ground up so I imagine it couldn't be too difficult :)

Thank you in advance for your help
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  1. There have not been any released specifically for the 8800GT yet as far as I know.. i forget which site did it but they said the hole patterns match the 7900GTX so anything that works on the one should work on the other. the down side there is that the 8800GT has extra items toward the back of the card that are cooled by the stock heatsink that the 7900GTX wouldnt be able to cover. Im hoping an updated version of the HR-03 will be released soon so I can maybe jump that 725/2000 barrier Im stuck at with my stock cooling.
  2. thanks, that seems to be the case from my looking around too.

    anyone have any ideas on how I could possibly fix the fan without an RMA? :)
  3. Hi Marglar,
    I had seen some forums claiming some VGA coolers for the 7900GT Fit on the 8800 GT, but I would recommend double checking this and find a reliable source.

    Short of that it might be too early for After market coolers to be available. You could try emailing Artic Cooling to see if they have any information for you.

    Good Luck!
  4. Im going for HR03GT. It is pretty massive but it will be the best one out there regardless, thermalright coolers always are.
  5. ahh, appears the HR03GT is compatible, they even used the gigabyte model as the reference card for installation :)

    that and a 92mm fan should due the trick.
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