Copy Error while repairing window XP pro

After i finish copying files in the 'blue screen', the computer reboot.
After i key in my product key, the setup come out a window..'Copy Error' And 'Setup Cannot Copy The File XXXXXX'
I had tried to run the setup again and again. but still coming out the same thing.
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  1. When I have experienced this error installing XP it has usually turned out to be caused by a scratched XP CD or a dirty or defective CD Drive. Inspect your disc for scratches and/or smudges. You can clean a CD by wiping it with a lint free cloth from the centre hole out to the outer edge in straight lines (do not polish in circular motion). Also, you can try a CD Drive Cleaning Disc that you should be able to purchase at your local computer store or office supply store.

    Those are the two most common reasons for your stated problem, but other reasons may include defective system RAM and /or failing hard disk drive.

    A clue might be found in the reason why you need too repair your XP in the first place.
  2. I had tried by using other disc, but it doesn't work.
    So, I formatted the PC using the same disc, and ot's work. I asked someone, and he said it could be bad sector in the hard disk.

    However, thanks fou your suggestion
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    A damaged hard drive is a good possibility. You can go to your manufacturer's website and download their diagnostic tool. That will scan the drive for defects.

    Another real possibility, is the optical drive. Some optical drives don't read discs as well as others.
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